There’s no doubt that Breakfast at Tiffany’s is one of the most iconic movies in Hollywood history. What’s not to like? Fancy jewelry, food, big parties and of course, the one and only Audrey Hepburn. However, there seems to be a problem with the message the movie portrays and this is mostly because the message is not necessary clear. Is it feminism or just the opposite? Should Miss Holly Golightly be revered as a role model, or should she not even be taken seriously at all? To explain this as best as possible, I broke this down for you:

Holly feels free to climb into another man’s bed/apartment whenever she wants. Nowadays, that girl would be called a stalker.


She does not apologize for anything and is truly herself, even if it may appear “phony”. She also does not let societal expectations keep her from doing what she really wants to do.

She will do almost anything for money, even if it means going against her values and getting married.


She won’t let herself be defined by or tied down to any man.

She lies, steals and doesn’t take into consideration the feelings of others.


She actually cares so much about others that she is afraid to show it.

She rejects love as much as she possibly can.


She represents a woman who is scared to fall in love, which is extremely relatable.

She doesn’t even bother to give her cat a name and dumps him on the side of the road, saying he means nothing to her.


She ends up taking back the cat and probably did not name it because she did not want to get too attached or hurt.

She could be the worst flatmate ever (loud parties, messy room, etc.)


She could be the best flatmate ever (if she lets you borrow her clothes or invites you to her parties).

She is materialistic.


But she is also satisfied with a $6.95 gift or a cheap plastic mask.

She has horrible self-esteem.


She doesn’t hide who she is.

Her mood swings are pretty much unbearable.


She is dealing with a lot.

She is constantly pushing others away, especially when her brother dies.


She eventually comes around and starts to believe in love.

It’s important for women to really think about this movie and what it means, rather than just automatically saying, “OMG, I love that movie!” just because that’s what girls our age are supposed to love. If this has been the only Audrey Hepburn movie you have seen, then you have been sorely missing out. There are so many others that highlight her intelligence, beauty and ability to be so free and fun-loving, that this movie gives people the wrong impression of who she really was. If you watch Funny Face or Roman Holiday, then you will get a better idea of why she was considered a role model. The messages are also a lot more clear and highlight her struggles of being an unconventional beauty, a woman with brains and a woman who does what she wants.

So, what does this movie mean to you?

For me, I think it means that there is good and bad in all of us. Some things we do can be justified, while others cannot. Either way, you are going to be judged whether you follow societal expectations or not, so might as well do what you want.