If you’re like me, you find packing very overwhelming. There’s so much to bring and so much that you could forget! There’s also never enough room for enough stuff. Try these packing tips to maximize space:

1. Roll, roll, roll your clothes! Clothes are one of the bulkiest things you will pack, so rolling your clothes will allow you to take more outfits and fit more of the stuff you really need (souvenirs, perhaps?) It will also allow you to lay bulkier items like towels and jackets on top. The rolling technique fits many more shirts, pants and jackets than simply folding your clothes on top of each other in your suitcase. It also makes it much easier to find items and put them back.

2. Pack toiletries in the morning. You will most likely need your most important toiletries, like shower items, toothbrush and hair products, until the day of the trip. Don’t bother trying to pack these early. Chances are, you will have to take them out and then remember to put them back. It’s better to have a list of what toiletries you need and then check them off after you use them and pack them away for good.

3. Don’t forget the small stuff. These are little details that could make a big difference, like chargers and headphones. Traveling to Europe or another country? Make sure you get the correct adapter and that it is set on the appropriate voltage level. Frying your phone is worse than forgetting it at home! Forget these and you will be stuck without worldly contact and in a bubble of extreme boredom.

4. Pack a travel guide or map. It’s good to know at least one famous attraction in the area you are going. It’s great to be spontaneous, but you don’t want to be stuck regretting not going somewhere because you didn’t know about it. Pick enough attractions to satisfy your visit and prioritize them. Don’t pick too many things to look forward to or you could end up disappointed.

5. Double-check your suitcase for things you want to keep in your carry-on. This goes for anyone putting their suitcase in the trunk or in the overhead of an airplane and especially for those checking their luggage. You don’t want to have to be forced to pull over to get what you need out of the trunk, or break your neck trying to find it in the overhead compartment.