Planning an Irish vacation? There are some things that you will probably wish you would have known before going.

It rains…a lot!

So you should probably bring a rain coat and some waterproof hiking shoes. A waterproof camera or phone case wouldn’t hurt either. Always expect rain. Even if it is sunny, it can start pouring in ten minutes.

It is hard to find what road you are on…at least in Dublin

You will see that the streets don’t really have signs at the end of them. The best way to figure out what street you’re on is to look at the buildings and the restaurants. Sometimes it will say the street name, or the restaurant will be named after the street (Ex. The Dawson is on Dawson Street). Look for big signs that point out many popular destinations for an easy way there.

Speaking of roads…

The roads in Ireland can be very narrow and rocky. There are many cliffs and mountains that could make driving a very dangerous feat. There are also cattle and sheep that block the roads and could make it very difficult for you to pass. If you are from the States, you will have to adjust to driving on the left side of the road, which may take a while for your brain to process. This could lead to some pretty gnarly mistakes. It might be best to take a tour on a bus or a train to get around.

The cars don’t wait for you to cross the street

Now and then, a car will stop and wait for you to cross when you are waiting at the crosswalk, but if you are already walking in the middle of the street, they will not stop. The best thing you can do is wait for a signal or run. I’m serious. The crosswalks even say “look both ways” on the street.

Don’t be afraid if someone says something involving “crack”

Spelled craic in Ireland. Don’t get nervous, it just means fun. Good old, plain, old-fashioned fun…no, seriously it does.