Ah yes, the Apple Watch. Wondering if it’s worth it? Read this review to help you see if it’s for you.


It allows you to see texts without having to take out your phone.

This means you can continue that conversation without pulling out your phone and looking rude. Unless of course it’s important. You can also quickly answer texts right from your wrist so you can get back to more important things.

You can use Apple Pay and gift cards without pulling out your wallet.

Take less time fumbling around your purse and just pay and go.

You can order food right from your phone.

Chipotle has a “Burrito Button” which has your order and payment info saved. Just click it and pick it up. Great way to make sure you can grab food on the go without interrupting any meetings. Other apps may have something similar as well.

You can track your exercise and food intake.

With the Apple Watch app, you can track how much time you spend exercising and how many calories you burn. It also reminds you to stand up at least once every hour to make sure you’re not so lazy. MyFitnessPal lets you enter your food intake, exercise and tracks your steps for the day. You can view it on both your phone and watch.

You can quickly call your contacts.

You can use Siri to call a friend by simply saying “Hey Siri, call ____”. Or you can press the side button to view your favorite contacts. I included 911 as a contact so that I can quickly call the police in case of an emergency.

You can use many of the apps on your phone.

Like pictures on Instagram from your watch, play games or even calculate the tip at a restaurant. You can also play music.

You can set alarms from your watch.

And you will be woken up by a vibration on your wrist.

You can easily monitor phone calls.

You will feel a vibration on your wrist if someone calls. It will only be apparent to you. You can also ignore calls with your watch so you do not have to sit through 6 sessions of your phone vibrating.


You have to turn the watch upright to use it.

This gets more difficult when you are trying to drive. You need to keep your wrist upright if you want the watch to follow through with a command, which can be uncomfortable and/or dangerous.

The Sport model doesn’t look that great.

The band looks good for working out, but not exactly if you want to dress up or wear it to work. I would suggest getting the white or black band since it will look better as an everyday watch. There are also off-brands that make leather bands for the watch that are much cheaper than Apple (which could cost around $100-$200). The standard Apple Watch model is priced over $500, so I think the Sport with an off-brand band would be the best way to go.

You need to have your phone with you or in proximity to you at all times.

This is one of the main downsides to the watch and many other smart watches out there. You must use Bluetooth, which does not allow you to move too far away from your phone to use the watch. A common misconception is that you could go to the store and just bring your watch because it has your phone and wallet on it, but you need to have the phone with you in order to use the watch. Maybe one day they will find a way to sync it with your phone service or even WiFi so you can leave it at home, but for now you cannot.

It’s not waterproof.

This is a problem since if it is pouring, the last thing I want to have to worry about is whether or not my watch will break. It should be fine in light to moderate rain, but do not take it in the pool, shower or any other body of water.

It’s not as hands-free as it should be.

For example, if you want to send a text and you are speaking to Siri, you will have to press the microphone button and the send button before it goes through. If you do not have your hands free or are driving, this can be very inconvenient.

Siri is a moron.

No offense, but she is. Even if you speak perfect English, she will misunderstand your words and put you on a phone call with the mom of the kid you used to babysit when you were in high school.

It can take a while to load.

Sometimes when I’m trying to bring up my Starbucks card, I end up taking out my credit card because it is holding everyone else up behind me. That completely defeats the purpose if you ask me.

Would I personally recommend for you to buy the Apple Watch? No. Especially not the gold Apple Watch, which will bleed you of over $10,000. If you are considering buying that specific model, please go get some help. If you would like to waste $10,000, you can simply donate it to me to help me pay off my student loans.

If I were you, I would wait until a better model comes out that fixes some/most of these issues. I did not pay for the watch, so I think if you got it as a gift, it would be a pretty cool gadget to have, but don’t waste your own money on it. If you do like the features I mentioned earlier (the Burrito Button is definitely a game changer) and have to have it, get the Sport model with an off-brand leather band. They will cost about $20 on Amazon. I doubt anyone will notice or care that your band is not “Apple”.