Disney World is one of the most popular destinations in the US. It can also be one of the most expensive vacations you will take…unless you follow these tips.


If you stay onsite, stay at a low-medium rate hotel. You will be able to take advantage of the transit system without having to spend a fortune. There are many places offsite that are cheaper and may even have transportation from/to the parks or the airport.


Invest in a dining plan. If you are staying at a hotel that includes breakfast, make sure to fill up before you get to the park to save some money. Everything is overpriced in Disney, so it’s best to try to eat offsite as much as possible. Save your money for the things you can’t find anywhere else, like Dole Whips.


Pay attention to yearly deals. There is a promotion around April-June that allows you to get 3 days for $120 and add additional days for $20. This is a great way to take advantage of all of the parks and even spend time at some of the water parks.

Fast Pass

Disney’s Fast Pass system has changed within the past couple of years. Putting it bluntly—it’s terrible. Meaning if you don’t get your fast passes early, you will be stuck with passes for the rides that have a wait time of 0-15 minutes. This is basically pointless. Your best bet is to download the My DIsney Experience app and plan ahead. With the app, you can make reservations for rides and restaurants. You can even use it to bypass long character lines, which can be brutal if you are waiting to see a certain Ice Queen. Make sure to do this a day in advance if you can in order to get the best rides and times.