TomorrowWorld is one of the biggest music festivals in the world and takes place in Georgia, Brazil or Belgium (Tomorrowland). This is an event that brings in over 150,000 people a year at each location and over 90 million dollars in revenue. People from all over the world fly into the event to see world class DJ’s and artists perform, camp out and meet new friends. It is a bucket list event for anyone who enjoys attending music festivals.

This year, the Georgia festival had more than it’s share of inconveniences. Saturday night, people who were not camping on site were forced to walk 2-8 miles in order to find a cab or an Uber to pick them up and take them to their home, hotel or another campsite. There were supposed to be shuttles that took people back, but apparently there were not enough to accommodate festival goers. Once people reached these pick-up areas, the lines were about three hours long and cabs/Ubers were taking the highest bidder. People were paying around $200 just for a ride back, when they already spent hundreds to thousands of dollars on plane tickets, gas, concert tickets, food and other items. It was even harder for people to get in touch with others because so many people were trying to use the phone lines/Internet at once, making the situation worse. The concert ended around midnight, so people ended up just sleeping on the cold, muddy ground since it was not looking like anyone was getting home any time soon. Here are some pictures of the atrocities:

Girls forced to sleep on the muddy ground, late at night, in the middle of nowhere.

Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 6.30.44 PM

Completely the opposite of what you think the festival should be like. What is worse is that the festival did not intervene and try to help people who were stranded. At this point, it had gotten so bad that people did not have food, water or shelter. There were also people who were under the influence of drugs or alcohol that could not get the assistance they needed. This lead to illness, injuries and many threats to the safety of these people.

But wait…it gets worse!

TomorrowWorld released a statement Sunday morning stating that only people in “Dreamville” (the camping area) were allowed into the festival that day.  Meaning, anyone who was staying in a hotel, camping somewhere else or was even going to commute to the festival from home, was now not allowed in on the last day of the concert. This was due to the “weather”. It was very muddy and raining, but apparently they did not plan for it to happen, even with the concert being outside. Guests were enraged, as many people were waiting to see these artists or bought 1-day tickets. Even people that bought a ticket to camp but left for the night were not able to come back to pick up their stuff. TomorrowWorld said that they could pick up their stuff on Tuesday, which is laughable because most people leave the day after the concert is over and do not want to make another trip back. the festival did promise a refund, many people paid for plane tickets, gas and hotel rooms that could not be refunded due to the unpreparedness of the festival. Not to mention, the time it takes to travel and how much people were looking forward to going. Now, only 40,000 people were able to go on the last day and TomorrowWorld will most likely never be trusted again.

Currently, TomorrowWorld has not been very apologetic and has not released an official explanation of how the refund will work.