Pinterest is a beautiful thing. It’s basically a drug for all who like to plan and it’s so easy to use. I routinely use Pinterest and have a couple of confessions other serious users can relate to…

You wish your real life was as fun as your Pinterest life

Through Pinterest, I can escape to New Zealand, Paris, or even Antarctica. I can get lost in fantasies of skydiving, or even plan my own wedding. There is no limit to what I can accomplish.

You pin a bunch of recipes you will never make and exercises you will never do

Yes, yes and yes. This is why having your mother on Pinterest is the best, since she might even surprise you with a recipe you pinned but were too lazy to make.

You think you’ve found the most creative DIY craft ever

Chances are that thousands of people are thinking the same thing. You will most likely all end up being the same thing for Halloween or making the same decoration for Thanksgiving.

Your boards are more organized than anything else in your life

You’d rather spend time organizing your pins and boards than organizing your actual room!

You’ve learned to recognize who is pinning what before you even read their name at the bottom

“That is just so her style!” “That’s definitely Rachelle’s sense of humor”

You think it’s perfectly okay to plan your wedding years in advance and your future children’s outfits

Because you know there are so many ideas! They are some of the most important events in your life, so why not start early to make them the best, right? (But then seeing your mother’s “future grandkids” board totally freaks you out! Too soon!)

It’s your go-to source for anything you need to find out how to do, make, create or dress for

It’s just a simple search away…

You’ve had to add the Toolbar to your Internet browser

God forbid you can’t pin a recipe you see outside of Pinterest that you don’t want to lose!

You get really upset when you accidentally put a pin in the wrong board

It takes forever to find the board and delete the post!

You try to convince all your friends to become active on Pinterest

They need to know how great it is!

You know that it has boosted your creativity and made you see life in a whole new way

Let’s face it, exposure to that many pins will definitely make you more creative than non-Pinterest users! You’ve also learned how to find the best, most unique gifts for people. In all, you know it has made you a better person.