If you know me a little bit, even at all, you know that I am always busy dreaming about my next trip or places I want to go in the future. There are many wonderful reasons to travel, but there are some things you need to be aware of as well.

Don’t use travel to escape from your problems at home

I’m sure we are all guilty of going away on vacation and just completely forgetting about responsibilities at home. This will start to creep up on you fast and make things much worse for you when you come back.

The post-trip depression will hit you like a brick

You will want to be back on your trip as soon as you come back home and you will notice every single thing you hate about your hometown. Don’t let the negativity get to you. Instead, try to appreciate the fact that you got to get away and look for little things to appreciate about where you live.

Don’t spend your life just waiting for the next time you’ll get away

Unless you are getting paid to travel, you will have to spend time in the same place for a while. Learn to enjoy being where you are, instead of just thinking about how great other places are. Explore new places in your area and make that new place your getaway or sanctuary.

You’re not always going to have the time or the money to travel

This is true in so many instances. We have to pay for school, rent, food and eventually a wedding, kids and a house. We will have to work hard and save up to have these things, so traveling may not happen as often as we want it to. This needs to be okay.

It’s better to save up for a dream trip rather than taking a bunch of mediocre trips

It’s tempting to try to get away as soon as possible, but it’s a lot better to wait to go somewhere you can really enjoy and do it right.