(Disclaimer: I apologize for the morbid cover picture but my sick sense of humor made me do it.)

So you are planning a vacation and wondering whether or not it would be best for you to go on a cruise. Here are some questions you need to ask yourself:

How much time do you want to spend in each place?

Would you rather try to see as many places as possible in a short amount of time or to take your time and try to get the most out of each city?

How much time does the cruise spent in the ports?

Sometimes the cruise will go to a port that is far away from the main city. The ride there could be costly in itself and could only leave you with a few hours to explore before you have to head back. Take Paris for example. It takes about 5 hours to get to and from Paris from the port Le Havre. That means you might have only a few hours to actually explore the city which puts many limits on what you can do. Not to mention the long lines for the popular sites and the fact that you will probably want to get something to eat. I would highly recommend getting a fast pass for these attractions and checking to see when the cruise will be at the certain port and when certain attractions are closed. I saw one cruise to Paris that docked there the only day during the week that the Louvre was closed, which was a big deal-breaker.

It is also good to know whether or not the ship will stay in that port for the night because that means you could have more time there to explore.

Do you care whether or not you spend the night there?

If you are looking forward to seeing a place for it’s nightlife, you are most likely not going to be able to experience it on a cruise, since they usually leave the ports before nighttime. However, there are some exceptions to this.

What does your budget look like?

Cruises are known for being more economical if you are leaving from a port close to home. This way, you can avoid paying for plane tickets, hotels, and even food. These are all huge expenses that can hike up the price of a vacation very easily. It also allows you to save some money so you can put them toward fun excursions.

What would you like to do on vacation?

If you want to relax for the most part, party, and do a little exploring of the city, then a cruise is probably better for you. You’ll get a ton of free entertainment on board which will allow you to skip the expenses of finding things to do within a city. If you would rather spend time in the city exploring, seeing museums, and eating, then it’s probably best for you to stay at a certain location.

Would you like to stuff yourself to outrageous proportions without paying for it?

Cruise all the way!

Do you have kids? Do they make you want to drink a lot?

Three words: unlimited drink package (because I care about your sanity).

Do you like heading to the front of the ship and screaming “I’m the king of the world!”?

Um, do it.

Do you need to buy nice gifts but want to buy something on sale or without tax?

Go to a duty-free shop on a cruise!

Do you have any fear or anxiety of boats?

If it is to the point where you cannot get past it, then I would spare your family and friends the headache and skip the cruise.

Do you like cheesy, loud, and somewhat obnoxious parties, shows and karaoke?

I’m looking at you cruise entertainers.

Do you want to be able to drink without getting lost or having to drive?

Then a cruise is perfect for you!

Is your name Jack and did you win a cruise of a lifetime in a bet that you could never afford on your own?

Yeah, I would skip it.

Is your name Rose and you don’t like sharing your space with anyone and make promises that you cannot keep like that you won’t let go?

Don’t you dare get on the ship.

Yes, it had to go there. I hope this has helped you make your decision on whether or not a cruise is for you! In all seriousness, please post any additional questions below in the comment box.