If you are a fan of the classic show, you have probably already binge-watched the 1st season of Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life. And if you haven’t, stop reading this and go watch it right now!

There were many things I loved about the revival. I loved the nostalgia and the famous lines that were brought back such as “I smell snow”. I also loved how Lorelei and Emily were going to therapy together. As a future psychologist, I really wish this went further and actually helped their relationship. I feel like it would be a good way to patch up some of the grudges that both parties hold for each other and finally come together. I didn’t like how Emily still resented Lorelei for getting pregnant so young, especially because without that event, Rory would not be in their lives. I understand how difficult that must have been but come on you have to forgive eventually.

I liked how they brought many people from the series back. I especially loved the memorial for Rory’s grandfather, who died recently in real life. This made it especially heartfelt and emotional. This scene was especially dramatic and it helped to show just how broken Emily was.

I noticed that there were a lot of strings left untied (besides the ending of course). This is why I feel like there has to be another season. There was a scene where Emily woke up at noon and seemed to be very disoriented. I was immediately wary because I thought that they would go in the direction of Alzheimer’s with that storyline and prepared for the worst. But they didn’t address that incident at all and she seemed to be fine after. Yes, it would be heartbreaking, but now that I think of it, it would be good to shed some light on the topic. Also, because they didn’t have Lorelei and Emily patch things up through therapy, this could be a great way for Lorelei to finally have a motive to set things right with her mother. It would also teach her some responsibility.

I also was confused when Emily mentioned a terrible letter that she thought Lorelei wrote for her. This was not talked about again, so I feel like it would be helpful if we knew more about this letter and who sent it so that Emily isn’t harboring a grudge over something her daughter didn’t even do.

I think it would be interesting if Emily were to have to live below her normal means. Although Richard is gone, there is no income. She needs to be a little more frugal instead of giving money to Lorelei and Rory whenever they need it. I also think it would help if they had more of an incentive to work for it, especially Rory! It is not normal for a 32-year-old Yale graduate at the top-of-her-class to be homeless and jobless. At least get a waitressing job or something to pay the bills!

And about Rory…this made me really upset! Yes, she did have a past of going for the bad boy and even being the other woman, but this was a long time ago! You would think she would learn by now. Especially because she seems to have a large moral compass. Last time we saw her, she was off to cover Obama’s campaign for president. I would think she would be getting into more serious political journalism and working for the New York Times or traveling the world to cover severe injustices. I think that this would have been a great way to show that she is trying to make the world a better place. It would have also made up for the lack of diversity within the entire show (which is a whole different story). I could see the old Rory covering the Syrian refugee crisis and even traveling to war-stricken countries in order to get the real story. I do like that she is a creative writer, but she is so much more than that in the old series. I think it would have been okay if Rory was having a “where do I go next” crisis after being so successful as a journalist, but she was unexpectedly lazy within the last ten years. This was extremely out-of-character for her.

Logan? Seriously? I’m unapologetically Team Jess and wanted more of an interaction with the two. I believe he was Rory’s soul mate and that they would have a great life together. Maybe they both would become writers, who knows? But they had to stick her with Logan who is basically an ass and just reinforcing her non-productive behaviors. I could see them having a painfully boring life and being able to solve all their problems with money. It also goes against everything her mother fought for when she decided not to grow up rich. Rory won’t agree to marry Logan but she has no issue sleeping with him when there’s someone who is engaged to him. Makes perfect sense.

I felt like it was unbelievable for Lorelei to actually think that she was going to hike the Pacific Crest Trail. The girl cannot go one day without needing people around her. What would she do without Luke constantly fixing things she didn’t even know were broken and there was no mention of how she was going to get her coffee fix! Even some instant coffee would make this more believable. She also doesn’t seem like she’s ever been camping a day in her life, so there’s that and she would not have access to a food place either. It would have been more believable if Lorelei went to find herself on some kind of European food tour or adventure. It would also be amusing to see her interact with people who don’t speak her language and learn more about herself on the way.

How do these girls still eat an amount of food that qualifies under the binge-eating category and not gain weight?! This was completely unrealistic. You would think maybe Jackson and Sookie would open up a farm-to-table restaurant and provide them with fresh, healthy food but no. I love junk food and there’s no shame in that but the amount that they are eating would surely give anyone some type of health problem.

There was also a good amount of shaming in this revival. There was a scene where Emily Gilmore calls a woman with Bipolar Disorder a “nightmare”, which is highly insensitive and ignorant. Then Lorelei and Rory body shame every guy at the pool! You would think that with their love of food, they would understand and be a little more empathetic. Lorelei also jokes about “trigger warnings” which are common for sexual assault victims and those with PTSD. I understand the attempts to be cute but it just did not work.

Although it was 2016, it didn’t feel like 2016. Where was the mention of the ridiculousness of Donald Trump running for president? I would have expected Rory to be covering Clinton’s campaign trail, due to where she left off in the original series.

I did enjoy the Kirk bits but we did not find out if he married Lulu! This was something I was even curious about when the original ended.

I thought it was a little out-of-character for Lorelei to be so against Rory writing a book about their lives. Lorelei is usually very open with people, so why would she be so against it now? You would think she would be excited to be written about since she loves the spotlight. It would be more like Emily to forbid her private details from getting out in public. She could have used her reputation in the community and the DAR as an excuse and then had an epiphany that it was something that needed to be written when she told off the DAR and moved to Nantucket.

While there were many things that needed to be fixed (diversity being the main one), I did enjoy the revival. I think it gave me that sense of what the old series didn’t when it ended and provided a lot of nostalgia for me. I also thought it was super smart that they decided to air it on Thanksgiving weekend. This made it easy to watch when you’re home and gave me a designated time to binge-watch the episodes, rather than taking out time from my busy schedule. I really do hope that the series comes back and maybe even with Rory’s baby already born. It certainly adds a very interesting dynamic to the show now that four generations are included.