For those of you that are familiar with psychology, I am an INFJ. That means that I am more introverted (only by a bit) than extroverted, I am run by my intuition and feelings, and like to plan things out and have things structured (slightly) more than being spontaneous. I can easily sense how someone else is feeling and I care about people a lot…sometimes too much. I am always willing to help others, even when there is little to no benefit for me or reciprocity.

I see the world differently because of this. I see the beauty in things like rain and in people that may not be considered “beautiful” by societal standards. I believe that everyone has a purpose in life and a right to be on this Earth, so we should never make them feel as if they do not belong.

I am a writer.

I grew up writing stories and reading a ridiculous amount of books. I love getting lost in a book and really putting myself into the character’s shoes. It is a quality that cannot be replicated by a movie, only through words that I can perceive on my own. I love to think about complex ideas and thoughts and just express myself through them.

My ideal day would be spent sitting in a park in Ireland or England and just writing how I feel and what I see. I love to write down how I feel and how others feel. It helps me to reconnect with myself and others, as well as organize my own thoughts and work through problems.

I am an explorer. I love adventure and I want to travel the world. I want to see as many places and cultures as possible and experience them as much as I can. I love to meet new people and to hear their stories. I love to feel small in such a big world. This inspires me to be myself and to learn from others. It also gives me such a sense of satisfaction. I am a future child psychologist. I love children and I believe that they are the future. I also can relate to how they feel and understand it. I believe that there is a way to help every single one of them and that it shouldn’t be limited by money or whether or not their parents believe in therapy.

I am a hopeless romantic. I love being cheesy and I am not afraid to show my love. I have an amazing boyfriend that I actually asked to prom and I am grateful for that every day. He has taught me how to love myself and be able to rely on someone for support when I need it. I am a perfectionist. You will constantly see me edit something I previously published, even though I look it over a hundred times before I post it. There are things that I will feel I need to add later on, so you may see my posts changing (like this disclaimer). I am writing this blog to express myself, to teach lessons and to talk about things that I feel the need to talk about. This blog is for me, but I would be happy if someone else enjoyed it, even just one person, as well.